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Gods of Death
A Bleach/Death Note RP Set After Chapter 19 in DN and Chapter 182 in Bleach
8th-Oct-2006 11:58 pm
1. Check the cast list to make sure your character is available.
2. If you want to put a hold on a character, reply to the cast list. Holds last for three days. You do NOT have to put a hold on a character in order to send in an application.
3. Fill out the application, make sure it's shiny and grammatical. Send the completed application to god.mods at gmail dot com.

Name: Your name, not the character's
E-mail: Self-explanatory
LJ Username: An LJ account is required for posting purposes
Instant Messenger Name: Your AIM/Y!M/what have you screenname. Not required for game purposes -- this just makes our lives easier when flicking up your contact info
Experience: Give a brief rundown of how long you've been RPing or writing actively

Character: Name of the character you are applying for
Age: The age; for shinigami/Arrancar/Vizored, put an approximate physical age

Zanpakutou: The name of their zanpakutou, the command phrase, and a description of the shikai form and abilities; for captain shinigami and those who are canon to have it, bankai is also required (if a captain does not have one shown in manga/anime, make your own canon). For non-shinigami, list any powers that they might have.

If your character has a zanpakuto in canon but its abilities/name haven't been shown, you MUST invent one -- at the very least a name and a shikai. For invented zanpakuto abilities, keep it similar to the canon abilities. If your Arrancar character hasn't manifested a shikai yet, for example, make it an armor-release shikai like all the other bros have.

Description: Two paragraphs that summarize the character's personality, background, and touch on their appearance.

Situation: List any events that led up to their current condition (for instance, Ishida is currently powerless. You should explain how he feels about it and how it's affecting his relationships with people).

Writing Sample: Third person POV, past tense; give me a sample of the character you want to write, to show your grasp of the personality, etc. This is the most important part of the application, so please give it a good two or three paragraphs. Or more! As long as it isn't 50,000 words, we welcome as much detail as you want to give us.

**At this time, only the characters on the cast list are available for application.**
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