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Gods of Death
A Bleach/Death Note RP Set After Chapter 19 in DN and Chapter 182 in Bleach
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8th-Jan-2007 01:10 am - [Announcement] Game Closure
After a lot of thought and discussion, Shini and I have decided to close GoD.


Honestly, the game lost its spark. With so many people not posting, and the both of us pondering how to drop characters without ruining things....well, those just aren't good signs.

It's been a ton of fun, everyone. We've loved seeing all of your characters, meeting new people. Certain scenes will always hold a special place in my heart L, Rangiku, Ishida, Hitsugaya anyone?. I hope to play with you all again in different games! And even if I don't, you'll always been in my heart on my friends list.

Thank you all so much. ♥ It's been great.
6th-Jan-2007 10:34 pm - [Compile] Matsuda, Ishida, Renji
It wasn't that Matsuda particularly hated being sent on errands. Not at all. But it really cut into his Light-stalking time. D=Collapse )

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As much as Rem had wanted to tag after Amane Misa, there was porn to be found!Collapse )

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6th-Jan-2007 10:18 pm - [Announcement]
Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete
Due to participation issues, misamisa13 will be leaving the game. Her Misa will definitely be missed.

However, this opens up the character of Amane Misa for general application.
3rd-Jan-2007 08:40 am - [Reminder & Threads] POOOOOOST
Holidays are a stupid time to launch a new arc. We know this, and we're sorry for inflicting it on y'all.


That means, if you haven't placed your character yet....GET TO IT. We're going to get serious about it soon. Aizawa desperately needs a threadmate, and Orihime and Rukia could use another companion. And Hueco Mundo feels very, very empty.

So please. Post.

Human World
Sidewalk of CELION DION?!?: Renji, Matsuda, Ishida
Photoshoot of AAAH! REAL MONSTERS!: Light, Rem, Rangiku, Yoruichi (FULL)
Shopping Center of LONELY ;_;: Aizawa
School of GIRLSEX!: Orihime, Rukia
Secret Place of Reliving Childhood: Near, L

Launch Info & Wrap Threads
27th-Dec-2006 08:05 pm - [Renji] Celine Dion has nothing on me
"Near... far.... where—eeeeever you are, I believe that the heart does go oooon..." I bet that's stuck in your head now. >DCollapse )
27th-Dec-2006 10:20 pm - [Administration]
Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete
For those of you worried about post counts over the holidays, don't be. The mods of gods_of_death have decided that December 22nd until today, December 27th, do not count on the post count line. If you posted between those days, consider yourself on day zero.

That's our Christmas present to you!

Also, due to some various reasons, I'll be going on hiatus until December 31st. Please skip Near and Grimmjow in their respective threads until then!
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